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Gabby Hoefer

Vanessa Zetino

Jason Eaton

Mike Dumlao

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User Interviews


Summer 2019

(3 months)


Adding a fresh coat of paint to the company website.

Challenge: How might we optimize the web experience of a Fortune 500 company serving 14 million customers per day?

Design Goals

  • Redesign Voya.com for multiple user groups: individuals, employers, professionals and investors. 

  • Test multiple aspects of the website in order to create a better user experience overall 

  • Design templates to follow on each page, thereby creating a more uniform website

Personal Goals

  • Learn how to balance user experience with general business goals and requirements

  • Determine the best way to modify an existing product, while keeping to the theme of the brand

  • Better understand how to communicate and design as a team, not just as a solo project


For this site, there are four main user groups: employers, individuals, professionals, and investors. We decided to center different pages around different users, while keeping to one main, uniform template.

One website. Four user groups. What could go wrong?






How might we design a template that can be adapted across every user group?
How might we design a website that motivates some users to purchase products, while others to invest in the company? 
How might we design this website, while keeping to the pattern and overall message of the brand?


User personas and storyboarding helped us better understand the users, thereby better designing for them.

Let's get into the head of the user. First group up: Individuals.


Expo marker in hand, we drew out and designed the foundation for our initial wireframes.

Wireframing and designing the initial mockups.


We conducted three usability studies with individuals matching our target audience. We found several patterns in their feedback.

Next we tested our design on real users three times.

Problem: User Trust in Voya Benefits

Users wanted a personalized view of the benefits Voya offers. They were skeptical of the costs, therefore preventing them from engaging in the product.

Solution: Allow users to see their expected costs for benefits, even if requiring more information up front.  

Problem: Fear of Email

Users filled out all the questions, reached the end of the form, but elected not to save results for fear of spam.

Solution: Allow users to log in and view their results throughtheir  Voya account. 

Problem: Vague Questions

Some questions were seen as too vague, while others contrasted in being highly specific. The users reported feeling uncomfortable as a result. 

Solution: Modify question wording, based on the general feedback of the users.

Voya.com is currently in development, with plans to launch this Winter.
Check back soon!



A bunch of pieces coming together to form one coherent puzzle.

After working on pages all throughout the website, it comes together to form a uniform, clear picture during the launch this Winter. This is still under NDA, so check back later to see the entire site live!

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